BIOXSINE FOR WOMEN was developed especially for women who suffer from hair loss. In the majority of cases, the clinically tested active ingredient BIOCOMPLEX B11 stabilizes hair loss and stimulates the growth of new hairs. Various clinical efficacy studies on women with excessive hair loss confirm the effectiveness of the products (results of two studies by the independent institute Dermatest in M├╝nster and the renowned University of Pavia in Italy).

Thanks to do inclusion of many different hair loss affective ingredients in its formula, with regular use Bioxsine Herbal Oil strengthens the hair, helps to regulate the sebum balance and prevents hair loss.



Improves th hair nourishment.

Beta Sitosterol
o Prevents hair loss and reduces excessive sebum secretion.

Omega -6 & Omega -9 Minerals
o Protects the epidermal barrier and supports the skin elasticity

o Helps the scalp and hair to be healty and balances sebum secretions.

o Helps remove dandruff from the hair. Enables a healty development for scalp and provides a healty looking hair.
o Assists in preventing hair loss.

Vitamin A & E
o Supports the scalp and the hair strands through its antioxidant qualities
o Prevents the hair splitting or falling out, adds shine
o Protects cells against the harmful effects of free radicals

Apply 5-10 drops to clean hair. Message using your finger tips. Do not rinse optionally add one third of the Herbal Oil Extract to your shampoo, mix and apply.