Can I blow-dry my hair after using BIOXSINE serum?

Hair dislikes heat. It is therefore healthier to allow your hair to dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer. If you find damp hair unpleasant, however, then you should blow-dry it on a temperature that is as low as possible.

Can I dry my hair using a towel after using BIOXSINE serum?

No! If you use a towel to dry your hair and scalp, there is a risk that the towel will absorb the agent. Leave the serum to take effect and allow the hair and scalp to dry naturally.

How long should BIOXSINE serum remain on the scalp?

BIOXSINE serum should remain on the scalp for at least eight hours. A longer length of time increases the strength of the effect and the results are visible more rapidly as well.

Can I use BIOXSINE serum in the morning as well, instead of in the evening?

You can use BIOXSINE serum in the morning or evening as desired because it is odour-free and does not irritate the skin. However, as cell division is more intense at night while you are asleep, we recommend that you use the product in the evening. This will produce a positive result within a short time.

How long does it take for fine, light-coloured hairs to turn into normal hairs following treatment with BIOXSINE serum?

The first three treatment cycles with BIOXSINE serum should be followed by a fourth and fifth treatment, each with one ampoule of BIOXSINE serum per week. You will see that the fine, light-coloured hairs will turn into normal hairs at the latest during the fifth treatment with BIOXSINE serum.

Isn’t it better to use BIOXSINE serum every day, instead of following the instructions in the package leaflet?

The positive results were achieved in clinical tests using the recommend application procedure. More frequent use of BIOXSINE serum is not harmful, however, as there are no known side effects.

Is it absolutely necessary to use BIOXINE shampoo before applying the BIOXSINE serum?

You will achieve the best results if you combine BIOXSINE shampoo and BIOXSINE serum.

How long should BIOXSINE shampoo remain on the scalp? What are the consequences if you leave it on for longer?

Unlike conventional shampoos for everyday washing, you should massage BIOXSINE shampoo into the scalp for at least 1.5 to 2 minutes and then rinse with a lot of water. Leaving the shampoo on your hair for longer does not have a positive influence on the therapy.

How effective is BIOXSINE shampoo against dandruff?

Yes! A shampoo has been specifically developed for the treatment of dandruff. The substances contained in the formula, such as zinc, sulphur, salicylic acid, malic acid or succinic acid have an antifungal effect and thus prevent a keratolytic effect on the scalp (skin peeling). Following two years of research and development, BIOXSINE anti-dandruff shampoo is now available from pharmacists.

Is BIOXSINE anti-dandruff shampoo purely herbal?

Like all BIOXSINE products, the anti-dandruff shampoo is also 100% plant-based. No side effects were revealed in clinical tests.

Can I dye my hair while I am using BIOXSINE? What dyes are preferable?

Hair dyes can also cause or increase hair loss. Most chemicals in hair dyes also damage the hair structure. It is therefore better not to dye your hair! Lightening dark hair is particularly damaging. Using herbal, natural products is the gentlest way to dye your hair.

Is it advisable to use BIOXSINE products over the long term?

People who are affected by hair loss suffer from it for their whole lifetime. Whether your hair loss was caused by environmental influences or a genetic predisposition, and even if your hair loss has only occurred temporarily, it is recommendable to use BIOXSINE shampoo all the time. Strengthen your hair roots with the BIOCOMPLEX B11! If the cause of your hair loss is genetic, it is recommendable to use one ampoule of BIOXSINE serum per week in addition to BIOXSINE shampoo following the end of the 3-phase program with BIOXSINE serum.

Are BIOXSINE products also suitable for women?

BIOXSINE products have the same, positive effect on both men and women.